Tuesday, December 1, 2009

went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale on 27 Nov 09

Big Bad Wolf book sale
Venue: Amcorp Mall 3rd Floor
Time : 10am to 9pm
Date : 26/11 - 2/12

This is my 1st time go to Big Bad Wolf warehse sale
arrive the place 9:30am, thought im 1st person..... when i step to level 3, shock to see many ppl Q up (aound 30 ppl+-, the shop yet open
Wondering why have to Q.....
but im FOLLOW THE RULES tat kind of person, also Q there. and dreaming , waiting
9:50am.... 30ppl become 150 ppl+++ is many of ppl Q behind of me.......my heart was so excited and feel lucky
10am, door open, the staff using speaker : Dont Cut Q, go in 1 by 1 (with fierce voice).......
pwew, they only allow certain ppl go inside then for those coming late, have to wait outside. I hear some of them (stand infront) saying, lucky come early, can go in to grab book. Then my heart was appreacited IM EARLY BIRD.........

2 bags. my harvest
free bookmark
Priddy Books RM8 (before discount is RM25+-)
Priddy Books RM10.00 . very new with packing and got 5-6 books there only
and flash card
behind with price RM10
Pritty Books RM8
Inside, can use marker pen write and wipe
behind with price RM8
Pritty Books <100> RM5
Behind with price RM5
Barney story Book RM5
Chinese book RM5
3-12 yr old nutrition recepi RM5
vege nutrition RM5
Come out 10:30am..... coz im have to go Popular (part 3) again and have to back home 12 noon.
when i come out from this BBW, outside the Q its so...............LONG, got 300-500 ppl+ out there waiting to enter.....
snap a pic then go down
receive a call from Erin...... she say she saw me......
surprise........ Erin come down to meet me... (1stime meet, my multiply fren)
chit chat awhile and feel im NO REGRET to come......


Alice Phua said...

Wah! You have got a really good buy there, especially the board books! I'm so jealous! I saw my sister-in-law's hasil also. She went there on 1st day, also got the board books something like what you bought. Good buy! Very worth it! Two-thumbs up!

smallkucing said...

Wah! good buy leh!

nicole said...

ALice, yalo......i was so happy saw the Priddy Books was there. Then hurry up to grab it without think.
i never been BBW b4, i fall in love to this and so looking fwd next year sale.

thx to drop buy here, yes is a very good bargain in this sale, no regret at all

quEeNie said...

nice book...I didnt have time to go, miss it d loh, hope able to go next sale

MeRy said...

Nice grabs...