Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lil Shuenice Bday lunch @ JJ Bukit Tinggi on 10 May 09

Today we attend lil Shuenice bday lunch at JJ Bukit Tinggi
once we arrive (very very late) they already finish the lunch
mummy Poh Ying just left
mummy Winnie still there
but lil Shuenice was sleep inside stroller

Mummy with bb Jacelyn, Jessica, mummy Winnie and lil Chloe, mummy ann and lil Chrysene

The goodies bag from mummy Ann... wow... so nice!!!!!! Thx~
inside the small gift in 1 bag
Here want to thnks to mummy Winnie & mummy Poh Ying for the gift too!!
I love it~~

AFter finish our meal, mummy bring me go to centre court
again we attend the sustagen activities

This is the Magnestic clip we get from counter
must buy the milk powder only have it
todays the goodies bag inside is Sustagen Radio
cool.... 1 for me, 1 for mei mei~~~

A Shopholic's Den Bday Bash 9 May 09

Mummy have participate and become a vendor on this
A Shopholic's Den Birthday Bash on 9 May 09
The detail can see this link
We are in booth #57

We have our small booth there
selling Pet Shop bag and some stuff from mummy's online shoppe
My cousin gogo - Bryan with me
Drinking 100 PLUS

My cousin Jie Jie Mindy also helper
Mummy said im good gal coz i sit there to selling stuff..
and never act naughty all the day!

This is the goodies bag for all vendors:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sustagen Club @Bukit Tinggi Klang on 8May09

This is the 1st day of Sustagen Club at Bukit Tinggi (8/5/09)
Mummy & me arrive around 3pm.
We headed this Sustagen Club activities
There is 4 games we need to complete:
1st: Little Big Breakfast
play the pc game, make breakfast...

2nd game : Snack Attack
its a puzzle game

3rd game : Lunch Adventure
find the nutrition food... (got shown in list)
inside the tunnel got few foods to pick
then inside this pool also got food to pick

4th game: Dinner Shopping
play pc game~ shopping
me & mummy Winnie
Goodies bag (after complete 4 games)
3 packs of sustagen, 1 sustagen bag
sustagen magnet, car sticker
a height chart
2pcs sticker given by staff
Jessica's Activity Card
Collect all 4 stamps
This is the "mystery gift"
wow... sustagen container!!
inside got a clip
Not bad huh this activities!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Drypers Carnival @ Titiwansa Taman Tasik 3/5/09

This morning, after had our late breakfast 12noon (coz wake up late)
mummy decide go to Titiwangsa
bcoz there got a Drypers Carnival
so daddy fetch us a long way to go
we arrive at Titiwangsa around 1pm

The goodies bag:

The gift and goodies bag inside.

Can u see my daddy & mei mei? (left) hahahha...
middle u can found the crown entertaining kids
I get a baloon puppy from crown

This is the 4 booth in Drypers Carnival... why no ppl geh?
outdoor, under the sun...
We are inside the Trak, got air-con, very comfortable
mei mei very scare Drypers staff

mei mei keep look at daddy (he is outside)
im at "Zon Permainan Kanak kanak"

play slide
dunt wanna go home

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KFC Chicky meal Toys for May09

Yesterday mummy bring me go to KFC
we saw the new toys is so cute
so mummy bought 4 sets of chicky meal to collect the 4 toys

This is the advertisment "My Very Own KFC"

This is the toys we get: