Monday, October 11, 2010

How daddy handle 2 gals while shopping

This is happen on sunday 10/10/10 , we went to Tesco as routine need to buy grocery.

2 of them get 1 small cart, push awhile then request sitting inside ask daddy to push them. so come out tis idea. Of course no place to put our stuff, so i need to push another big cart. follow them behind.
wait daddy at the corner.
continue shop

still can sleep inside just awhile when long Q up at Cashier~~~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Groupego - Surf, Shop, Save - Together is Power! (Klang Valley:Purchase Date | Group Purchase | Discount)

Become 'Fan' of Groupego Malaysia , you could be the winner of iPhone 4

Groupego - Surf, Shop, Save - Together is Power! (Klang Valley:Purchase Date Group Purchase Discount)

What is Groupego?
Groupego Malaysia is a one stop e-commerce platform with the concept of “Group Purchase Power” that features a specific product or services. It offers “free online advertisement” for the dealers and buyers. Typically the deal run for a day only which is known as “A Deal A Day”. The purpose is to enable you to purchase different, interesting and super valuable products or services on every other tday.
Group Purchase is a new time-limited way of online shopping. We call it as a time-limited way because our deals typically just run for a day with the lower prices compared to the market. We will let you to know the actual price, discount percentage and your savings when you purchase products or services at Groupego.

Groupego capitalizes on the mass social networking sites to reach out to a huge profile of customers globally. This is because we know the power and reach of social networks. Therefore, dealers need not worry about the publicity and sales transacted at Groupego. Besides that everyone can purchase valuable and trustable products or services.


Groupego is a customer’s personal gateway to fantastic daily discounts. To enjoy the savings offered by a merchant, each deal requires an agreed minimum quantity before the deal goes live.

At Groupego, we call the process of getting the best deals through "Group Power Purchase" - where bulk demand helps to lower prices and increase volume. Discounts offered are generally 50% and more, and that is huge savings compared to regular retail prices in the industry.

We work with local merchants to secure bulk discount for their services or products that customers are interested in such as F&B, Personal Care, Hotels, Tourism and others. We only cooperate with reputable and trustable merchants since we are the consumers as well.

Once a deal is completed, members will receive a coupon in their email account and simply present this to the merchant to enjoy the savings. When you have more friends purchasing at Groupego, you will obtain more rewards(member-get-member). Therefore, please do not hesitate to share Groupego with your friends as well.


How it Works?

Open your email, Facebook, Twitter feeds for daily deals from Groupego. Do it wherever you are or whenever you feel. Your social networking mates would be doing the same. When you surf you will discover great deals from Groupego.

Groupego creates excitement and anticipation especially when it is published in a group. The more the merrier! You have to click “buy” to add to the minimum quantity. When the quantity is met the deal is activated and everyone is a happy customer.

You are a part of this deal, we will email you a coupon that has all the details of your purchase. Simply present it at the merchant for redemption or prior to that you may call our partner merchant to make specific reservations or enquiries.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Jacelyn enjoy sing and dance

She quite enjoy singing and dance.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stabilo 7 Hours shopping challenge

Hey guys, I need vote from u all

I have join a contest submit a most creative photo featuring at least one (1) STABILO swing cool highlighter. Then, i need get your guys to vote on jmy entry to boost my chances of being one of the 7 finalists. Each chosen finalist and one (1) partner will attempt a shopping challenge to win RM 7,000

So far, i still left behind. hope can be one of the 7 winners.

1) Allow this application in FB :

2) Then inside "snapshoots Gallery" , can find the pic i posted in page 5 as below:
3) click on the pic, then will enlarge
4) click on the LIKE (Thumb up)

Then i will get a vote.
Thank you very much on the support...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Scholstic Book Buffet

Start Time: Friday, June 11, 2010 to Sunday, June 13, 2010
Time : 10:00am to 8:30pm
Location: Megakidz @ Midvalley Megamall

After call Vivian about the book at MV, i decide go to grab some book, even is with my 2 gals and its heavy rain (friday, around 3:30pm)

This is the T&C about Book Buffet.

see, 1 small bag..... and tidy



books i grabs

ya, Jessica very happy wat we grab, but not much choice when i was there.... all nice books was grab during morning session.

When i come back and check the link, wow. i saw got ppl grab the bag in this way.................

GENG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ inside sure got 30-40 books......... salute!!!!!!! i shld do tis way, but i duno can do tis way la~~~~~~~~~~~~

a sunday Choco Moist cake from mummy Erin

a good weather Sunday, i was driving to Puchong, wanted find a place "Warehse sale" but forget the location, finally call mummy Erin see what she doing, and ask the direction. Then Mummy Erin invited me go to her new house take a look . Wow... i was just near by there Puteri Puchong. Take about 10 minuted, i manage to reach there... hahahha thank god~

Never waste my time, dig mummy Erin out, hahhahaha...... bring her go to USJ Tohtonku warehse sale (which is known as Follow Me ). That warehse is not much pp, so we no need grabs the stuff like satin. hahahhaha, pic is shown as below

I think im lucky coz have a opportunity VISIT mummy Erin 's new house and taste her choco moist cake......... Thx again, bring back this .
Jessica love to have it, this few slide was finished by me, Jessica and Jacelyn. (hubby no cake cake)

Jacelyn love to play the box and wan tabao herself (box taken frm Tohtonku warehse)

Follow Me Nature Path RM5/ bottle
Seawhite, Nutox facial cleansing milk RM5 each only,
Toner and essence is RM10 and RM15
Follow Me Grey 3 for RM20 is fo rmy daddy~

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding dinner 22 May 10 Tai Thong SS17 (Jessica Tai's wedding)

on 22 May 10, we have attend a wedding dinner at Tai Thong SS17 - Simon and Jessica

Before start meal, they finish all welcome choco on table.
Jessica with nice pose
Half way dinner.................................... Guess wat Jess look at

Naughty Jace, cant sit properly, keep wan walk and play, she put the napkin on floor

Then very enjoy......... (look like wat? 摆挡?还是看有没有人给钱?)

snap pic at entrance
before go home, drop by Fun Fair at C4 Bukit Rimau.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sustagen Roadshow at Alamanda Shopping Centre Putrajaya

Sustagen "100% Nutritionland"

Date : Friday, 21st May 2010 - Sunday, 23rd May 2010
Time : 10am-10pm

Take your children to the Sustagen "100% Nutritionland" to play and learn about nourishment at Putrajaya Alamanda Shopping Centre, Centre Court . You will also get FREE consultation and FREE goodie bag. ...

Admission is free.

Entrance, Jacelyn kena GoGo stick, see the 2nd pic~

Jess take sustagen drink frm JieJie

Game 1 : Fibre Boost - Collect a variety of colourful fruit and vege

Feed the hungry child in the tower

Game 2 : Daily Daily : Have a yummy Sustagen, then find & match the right dairy pictures

Game 3 : Carbo Cookout : Cook up a nutritious carbo meal by selecting the right ingredients

Game 4 : Protein Power: Identify the protein-rich foods. Knock them out to collect points Take weight and height measurement

1 big bite to Orange

Beside Fountain,

Mummy: Gals, look at here cheese~~~~

Jessica cooperate

Mei Mei : Why no fish geh???????????

Arrive home, slept~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

gosh, mummy need to carry all this ..... all by myslf~~~~~~~~~ with 2 gals. (Octopus hand again!)

this is inside goodies bag (play game)

i have bought 6 x 650gm @ RM23.49 each box. buy 3 box get 1 ball

This aeroplane pillow is redeem using the Sustagen Poscard. (mysery gift)

So, dun miss it, enjoy ur weekend there!!!!!!!!!!