Friday, May 21, 2010

Sustagen Roadshow at Alamanda Shopping Centre Putrajaya

Sustagen "100% Nutritionland"

Date : Friday, 21st May 2010 - Sunday, 23rd May 2010
Time : 10am-10pm

Take your children to the Sustagen "100% Nutritionland" to play and learn about nourishment at Putrajaya Alamanda Shopping Centre, Centre Court . You will also get FREE consultation and FREE goodie bag. ...

Admission is free.

Entrance, Jacelyn kena GoGo stick, see the 2nd pic~

Jess take sustagen drink frm JieJie

Game 1 : Fibre Boost - Collect a variety of colourful fruit and vege

Feed the hungry child in the tower

Game 2 : Daily Daily : Have a yummy Sustagen, then find & match the right dairy pictures

Game 3 : Carbo Cookout : Cook up a nutritious carbo meal by selecting the right ingredients

Game 4 : Protein Power: Identify the protein-rich foods. Knock them out to collect points Take weight and height measurement

1 big bite to Orange

Beside Fountain,

Mummy: Gals, look at here cheese~~~~

Jessica cooperate

Mei Mei : Why no fish geh???????????

Arrive home, slept~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

gosh, mummy need to carry all this ..... all by myslf~~~~~~~~~ with 2 gals. (Octopus hand again!)

this is inside goodies bag (play game)

i have bought 6 x 650gm @ RM23.49 each box. buy 3 box get 1 ball

This aeroplane pillow is redeem using the Sustagen Poscard. (mysery gift)

So, dun miss it, enjoy ur weekend there!!!!!!!!!!


MeRy said...

So fun...

Nic, U really strong enough to carry all those gifts n milk formula.

nicole said...

Mery, yalo i die die also carry~~~ macam maid... hahahha

Mummy Moon said...

The kids have so much fun there... Both your daughters are on Sustagen now?

nicole said...

Moon, this sustagen roadshow owez having the good education games for kids, can play the games and get the gift is very worth to go.
Ya, once awhile i do make Sustagen for them.

saira said...

Hi nicole,
Came across ur blog coincidently. I went to Alamanda too today and bought 6 boxes of milk too but how did u manage to get the 3 extra gifts and aeroplane? I just got 2 balls and goodie bags only. Were u an early bird?

nicole said...

wow. u oso there? i was there around 2pm.
The aeroplane is use the sustagen postcard to redeem, and how to get the postcard, is register as their sustagen member. If u not yet member, mind let me be ur introducer? msn me or email me

The 6 box is me bargain wt the staff. will let u knw thru msn. :)

Steph said...

wah, nicole...went there alone with 2 girls ar? how you handle?

nicole said...

im octopus... hahahha... scary hor, i carry alll stuff.... , ppl see me also shock!!!!!!!!!!

Little Kit Boy said...

wah so many nice goodies and gift.

Nic, yr girls look so active participating in those activities.