Saturday, November 29, 2008

Complete the sentence Tag

Thanks to Ann for passing me this tag. It is another interesting tag!

1. Life is full of ups and downs.

2. I smile when Jessica & Jacelyn smile.

3. I can't sleep when im no happy with too many things not done yet.

4. I love the smell of baby's body smell.

5. When I can't sleep, I will net surfing, read comic book, play psp.

6. I often dream about my schoolmate.

7. I get irritated when 2 babies cries, no one help.

8. I like the sound of Jessica &Jacleyn laugh.

9. People often call me Xiao Wei, Nicole.

10. I wish I could lost my current weight to 45kg.

11. The best creation in the world is Internet.

12. 1st 3 words that comes to my mind: Baby, oi oi (sleep), nien nien (milk).

13. I've discovered that I addicted to net surfing, shopping.

14. When I'm in love, I always think of him.

15. A baby is born with love and smile.

16. Before I met my husband, I always hanging with my friends.

17. A good marriage requires love, communication, concern and understanding.

18. I dislike ppl cheat me.

19. I say 'I Love You' to my 2 babies.

20. My favourite subject in school was Maths.

I'll pass on this tag to: Serene, Natalia, YenPing, Queenie, Agnes , Funn, Suying

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red Box The Curve

Sunday, wake up early bcoz we have booked Red Box at The Curve.

My new leggy pants, nice or not?

Depart from hse, on the way go The Curve

After reach The Curve, direct go to Red Box, wa.... the room so big!!!!

"YiMa, let's us sing!"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New cloths

Some new cloth coming, order online.... nice ya~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secret Recipe Promotion 11/11/08

Baba bought Secret Recipe cake come home, another free cake was share with Uncle. yummy yummy!!!!!

Caramel Cream Cheese

hey, anyone wan eat cheese cake?

hmmm... seems u all busy to watch AOD - THE GEM OF LIFE (珠光宝气), then i start myslef a slide of cake 1st la!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my Favourite music video - Hi5 (Post dated 26/10/08)

Aunty Carrie use to give us a lots of VCD, this Hi-5 VCD is my favourite...
Hi-5 is Australian Children Group TV series

This song " Rain Rain go away" is suppose dance like this: