Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cuting Pooh Cake session

Yes, still remember the Pooh cake
Jessica intend bring this cake back to GongGong hse
she wan share the Pooh cake with family~

snap pic with Pooh cake
mei mei happy~ we sing song
yea....... cutting the cake, Jessica is no crying, but willing to share
daddy cut the pooh cake
happy mei mei
This is the line we cut Pooh jelly cake
distribute cake
Yima give angpao to Jessica
mei mei enjoy to have her jelly cake
This Qjelly cake is very very yummy, and we quite love the santan, so the taste is juzt nice to us!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Barney trim her nail

Jessica in this moment is very good gal bcoz
she got her lovely Barney trimming her nail

Thank you..mummies : Yoki, Yuki, Ann, Maggie,and Yugene

This is from mummy Yoki, coloring set got small pooh wallet and mini ABC puzzle
and this is for mummy de gift also... can put my bling bling inside

This is from Yuki Yen Ping, a hair band with 2 gulung hair, cute
3 pairs of stocking
1 set of baby gap pyjamas
This is frm Ann. mummy de gift, hair clip and hair accesories
Ann de pressie for Jessica , Bag, stationeryThis is from Maggie Tan, mummy de gift, yea, i found i have many dry skin....
Maggie Tan de pressie for Jessica, a lovely shirt
and a set of stationery
This is from Yugene, we meet at night market..... mummy de gift, a bag
yugene give to jessica a gals tee
and a set of minnie color pen
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Small celebration at Kindee school break 22/1/10

Mummy bring mei mei go to school 10am - 10:30pm during Jessica's school tea break time
Its only few classmate, teacher say got 3 student sick, didnt come to school

So we had our cake session time~

all student be seated and waiting for teacher distribute the cake

Yeah, half and hour only (10-10.30am) , so mummy go home.......
and Jessica continue their school study.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

jelly cake? choco cake?

We would like to say Thank you to mummy Alyse and mummy Maggie Tan for the info about jelly cake :

1) Malaysia Jelly Cake house - Cheras
2) Qjelly - Puchong branch

We have study all and finally choose Qjelly bcoz Puchong got branch , which is near by Kemuning house, mummy can drive and take the cake. So we make a order to Qjelly.

1st we planned buy 2 cake

1) a jelly cake celeb at kindee school during sneak time on 22/1/10
2) a choco sponge cake celeb with our family 23/1/10

Today after finish school, mummy drive to Puchong and take our Pooh jelly cake

On the way driving:
Mummy : tomolo we bring this cake to kindee school celeb ya..
Jessica : No, Pooh is mine
Mummy: why? we celeb together with fren ma and teacher
Jessica : No. i dun wan bring to school..........
(huh. mummy start to worry if bring this pooh cake and when the cut cake session, Jessica will cry, coz her lovely pooh BEING CUT.... then how...)

So mummy faster turn in to USJ Taipan.... stop at the Cake house. and take our Choco cake (this is suppose eat with family de) . Mummy decide bring the choco sponge cake to Kindee school tomolo, so Jessica will willing to CUT the cake without cry infront of her frens , embrassing...

Now got 2 cake in the fridge, So for safety, tomolo morning will ask Jessica again, want bring the Pooh cake or Choco cake to school, she is Birthday gal, let her decide.

bought sme cute jelly at Qjelly shop

This pack is RM10.00 , got 6 animal, is pandan flavour another is Q cute jelly, buy 3 free 1, 1 box RM15 - 8pcs inside Goodies bags for Jessica classmate : Chermain, Xiao Yi, Derrick, Jia An, Zhi Jian, Jie Yee, Li Fung, Deevagaran & Ye Soi stay tune, will update tomolo celebration at Kindee............... dee daa.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Early Bday gift from mummies

We want to say Thank you to KC Ten & Peggy for our Bday gift from mummy peggy , Jessica's shirt

Mummy 's gift~~~ TQ~ lmlmm';m,

Mummy KC sent Jessica a Tee and hair clip set, yeah, her accessories will add more.... TQ

Monday, January 11, 2010

shopping at IKANO on 10/1/2010

Today we went to Ikano- All IT Hypermarket to buy some pc parts
There is a All IT mascot stand infront the shop

take some ride on those car

after finish the buying at All IT, we went to Brand Outlet to get the towel and swimming suit
wanna say TQ to Mummy Gwen, give mummy a very good info on this.
before tat mummy search at JJ , the swimming suit is not tat cute enough, and Jessica school every Tuesday got swimming class, we need a swimming suit & towel for her as well.
After mummy Gwen's precious info, mummy no need look othe rplace, juz headed to Brands outlet. Save time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swimming suit for Jessica RM29.90 , look big and loose, mummy choose 5T, bcoz 3T is juz fit, canot wear longer, Jessica, hope u eat more ya~!!
Princess hooded towel RM49.90
Dora hooded Towel also RM49.90
One for Jessica one for Jacelyn, difficult to snap Jacelyn pic coz....
Jacelyn is no patient to let mummy snap, stand a while then will go:
Jessica dont wan to change back her home suit, still wear and play her PC game