Sunday, January 10, 2010

KFC new toys (Chicky meal)

Last month after attend Yugene's son lil Kyle bday at KFC
we get some freebies from KFC Chicky
Jessica get a Barbie Snazzy band and Jacelyn get a Barbie watch
mummy very like it and those Barbie gift from KFC is still not yet launch during Dec.
So we have to wait , and thanks to mummy Yvonne giving us the info about this Barbie toys will launch on 7 Jan 2010~~~~~~~~

All u can get when u purchase a set of chicky meal, then c/w this barbie toys, 4 design. (kfc link)
u have no gal? but have boy? no problem, they also have HOT WHEEL for boys , 4 design also
Today go to KFC for my lunch, then hurry up to buy chicky meal.....
Yeah, i able to collect all 4 Barbie sets!!!!!!!!

Watch & Snazzy Band
Hair Curler & Note book
Mummy snap 2pic for Jessica and ask her: which pic is pretty?
Mummy prefer this pic coz looks manner and polite...... but~~~~~
Jessica say this pic is more pretty coz happy face with big laugh~~~~~~~~~~


MeRy said...

Jessica smiled till can't c her eyes.

nicole said...

mery, hahahah..... jessica say she smile in tis way is beutiful (mei).
hahhah..... trademark smile