Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jessica 's Kindee school time~

We have enroll Jessica to study at R.E.A.L kindee begin on 2010~~~
this is Jessica wish.. she owez tell mummy she wanna go school..............

2/1/2010 New Parent Orientaion Day
Principal introduce all teachers and the study guide to all parent..........

never forget snap a pic infront of school

swimming pool beside.
Mummy prepare a disney princess school bag and barbie water bottle for Jessica. (both choose by Jessica, she very love diney princess and barbie recently)
Jessica's class 6/1/2010 Jessica 1st day school (ECP class) , she is no crying and play the toys there
1st day got her new friends, Jie Yee & Jie Yee's sister (6 yrs old) which is same school but no class on 6/1/2010
before go home, got a singing session with all class at hall (Jessica more stick to that jie jie)
Que 1 by 1
singing session

1st week school life....... 6/1/2010, 7/1/2010 & 8/1/2010. Jessica enjoy study at school and mummy find out she is a brave and helpful gal in class....... keep up the good work!!!!!!!


Cynthia said...

good girl Jessica... she sure light school very much as shown in the picture.. :D

nicole said...

Cynthia, jessica very love to school and i feel happy if she is happy.... hahahha

Mommy Ling said...

Dat's good to hear that Jess is going to school and she is happy.

The jie jie very pretty and sweet looking, no wonder Jess loves her..

nicole said...

Ling, ya...... lucky Jessica no cry tat type, if not, i cant back home have to stay with her edy. hahahahah

the jie jie is a pretty type, Jessica very stick to her and go everywhere also wan follow her. hahhaha. but after tun normal school day, Jie Jie unable accompany her coz she got her class at 1st floor.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..that's a very big school. Jessica is so brave ya..good girl. I hope Gwen will be as brave as Jessica when she goes to school. :)

nicole said...

mummy Gwen, i guess Gwen willl love to school too even at new place Jakarta.
Cant wait to see Gwen school at Jakarta and the environment, uniform there. do let us see frm ur blog ya~~~~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yooo...Jessica very good girl neh, never cried during the first day of school and the most impt thing, she enjoys it. So nice!