Saturday, August 29, 2009

Enfa A+ Smart Camp 28/8 - 31/8

Im waiting for this Enfa long time already
bcoz its time to let Jacelyn to have Enfa since she already 1 yr old

Enfa Club will receive a sms
show to redemption couter will get this mystery gift

This is 1st day the freebies we get :
Tissue Holder with Enfa Owl...



after complete 5 games will entitle the goodies bag

a toy inside box (THE WIND WORK) and a Tee (friday can get Tee)

Enfa Colouring & Sticker Book, leaflet and cd
Enfagrow A+ & Enfakid A+ sample

Enfa Sticker

Smart Camp report card with 5 stamps
Enfa cap while playing the games 3 Enfa handband

We bought 2 tins of Enfagrow A+ to get 2 sets toys
Set 1

Set 4
Jessica playing the cutting set
Mei mei also joined

We went again Last day (Monday 31/8/09)
This is the Toys we get Smart Blocks (1 yr old) replace the Tee
Got Enfa Owl mascot appear!!!!
Able snap pic , this is the only clear pic we snap
Daddy was bring us Lunch at Korean Restaurant - Che Go
juz beside Enfa roadshow, we can see the event thru this window~~~
Our drinks is served~~~~~~~
another WWF and MPH booth at other section, get some sticker & book.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Parenthood Expo 21/8 - 23/8

Here is some stuff i bought and freebies get frm Parenthood expo

Heinz Splat, i never had this b4, so buy for trial....
Heinz Rusks, buy 2 box only can get bear & tumbler

Huggies Jeans Pant, never saw this b4, i guess is new product in Malaysia
i bought RM13 per pack....
buy Poise RM7 get this Poise big bag....
its very nice, normally the recycle bag is standard size,
this Poise bag bigger, can bring to Tesco or hypermarket liao

sign up as Huggies online member can get this Huggies bag
TOday Publishing de freebies :

This is frm Karihome booth
Nuk booth sample
I bought a cute toothbrush (got blinking blinking lights)
This is frm Nestle booth, only get a training cup
Sealer booth
Uniq de angku kuih, RM 2 per pack~ yummy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

surprise gift ~ Mooncake (handmade)

Thanks to my dear fren
she is so lovely 1st time homemade mooncake
and let us have few for trial

Nice packing

lil mooncake
ok, wan me give comment?
1) the outlook is nice and cute
2) the taste of outskin is abit hard compare with outside selling, but 1st time made is consider 80%, very good... keep up ur good work
3) the taste of inside very yummy, bcoz the full/thick of ingredient... hahahhaha (somemore she told me is Low Fat)

Freebies frm mummy Poh Ying

mummy poh ying's dotter was no bday celebration (bcoz H1N1)
We buy her a bday gift and hand to her office~~~
This freebies is frm mummy Poh Ying
She is so nice....
Hong Leong bank's soft ball
behind got Hong Leong Bank wording
2 goodies bag ready frm mummy Poh Ying
1 for Jie jie, 1 for mei mei
each bag got lots of yummy~~~ Thanks again