Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gathering on Hari Raya

Hari Raya, my calendar have remark down a gathering with
Agnes Khoo, Ling Ling, Wan Chin, Queenie & Violet
all of them are my 1st MP forum mummy come out for meet up in year 2007
time flies.......
Agnes (JB) coming for holiday, so we had our gathering.......

BEHIND : baby Jacelyn, me & Jessica, lil Chloe & Queenie, Ling Ling & lil Ryan, Wan CHin and lil Jie Ying. FRONT : Agnes & lil Jing Ting

Baby Ryan touch Jacelyn's dress........

Wan CHin (right with red shirt) will going to have her 2nd baby. EDD : 7-11 (seven eleven) easy to remember....

Ling ling (right wt black shirt) come alone, today she is free, no need to take care of her 2 kids.. the feeling is just like out of prison.....

wow... able to snap pic with our Tan Sri Adriel (Violet's son)
to: Violet, left u inside..... hope nextime no forget snap pic with u...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Drypers Carnival on 30/8/09 (backdate)

On 30/8/09 SUnday morning
daddy bring us went to Drypers Carnival at Giant Shah Alam

Drypers bag
Drypers table mat x 2
Drypers play card
Goodies bag frm Drypers
yeah........ Im Drypers baby

Mei Mei also wan snap pic, she wear the spec
ok, ready for snap

海外天 mooncake and Ovaltine Crunchy

Daddy bought again another brand mooncake - 海外天
ok, here is mooncake
and mummy, i think u going break ur rules - Diet.... (canot be)
This Ovaltine bought at Giant @ RM12.90+
is Free a Ben 10 image changing cup
so for Ben 10 fever, dun miss out this ya
Image changing cup

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

McD Setia Alam

Day out to new opening McD Setia Alam

jus playing the slide inside McD

Last week YIMA bought breakfast frm McD Setia Alam
Breakfast set....

Toys get at McD
TAMAGOTCHI set 6/8/09 - 2/9/09

DOREMON sister (front)
pull the string her wings will move like fly (back)