Monday, September 21, 2009

Drypers Carnival on 30/8/09 (backdate)

On 30/8/09 SUnday morning
daddy bring us went to Drypers Carnival at Giant Shah Alam

Drypers bag
Drypers table mat x 2
Drypers play card
Goodies bag frm Drypers
yeah........ Im Drypers baby

Mei Mei also wan snap pic, she wear the spec
ok, ready for snap


mali~mali~hom!!! said...

ooo... seem like this time the freebies are different with the previous 1 that i went to @ Ikano!! And the things u gt are nicer!! hehe..

nicole said...

yea, lastime Drypers Carnival i only get sample, but i did saw other ppl get the table mat and bal.. etc.
This is i manage to get the nice gift!!!

恩轩至佳_密池 said...

cool man...I never been to this kind of activities and never get this kind goodies all are lucky :-)

Catherine Yee said...

Wah, so nice.
Although my twins have been using Drypers since day born, we never did received such nice freebies from Drypers.... ^_^

MeRy said...

So good that your girls can enjoy the carnival.

twins mama said...

nicole mummy is lucky.. always get so much goodies!!