Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding dinner 22 May 10 Tai Thong SS17 (Jessica Tai's wedding)

on 22 May 10, we have attend a wedding dinner at Tai Thong SS17 - Simon and Jessica

Before start meal, they finish all welcome choco on table.
Jessica with nice pose
Half way dinner.................................... Guess wat Jess look at

Naughty Jace, cant sit properly, keep wan walk and play, she put the napkin on floor

Then very enjoy......... (look like wat? 摆挡?还是看有没有人给钱?)

snap pic at entrance
before go home, drop by Fun Fair at C4 Bukit Rimau.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sustagen Roadshow at Alamanda Shopping Centre Putrajaya

Sustagen "100% Nutritionland"

Date : Friday, 21st May 2010 - Sunday, 23rd May 2010
Time : 10am-10pm

Take your children to the Sustagen "100% Nutritionland" to play and learn about nourishment at Putrajaya Alamanda Shopping Centre, Centre Court . You will also get FREE consultation and FREE goodie bag. ...

Admission is free.

Entrance, Jacelyn kena GoGo stick, see the 2nd pic~

Jess take sustagen drink frm JieJie

Game 1 : Fibre Boost - Collect a variety of colourful fruit and vege

Feed the hungry child in the tower

Game 2 : Daily Daily : Have a yummy Sustagen, then find & match the right dairy pictures

Game 3 : Carbo Cookout : Cook up a nutritious carbo meal by selecting the right ingredients

Game 4 : Protein Power: Identify the protein-rich foods. Knock them out to collect points Take weight and height measurement

1 big bite to Orange

Beside Fountain,

Mummy: Gals, look at here cheese~~~~

Jessica cooperate

Mei Mei : Why no fish geh???????????

Arrive home, slept~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

gosh, mummy need to carry all this ..... all by myslf~~~~~~~~~ with 2 gals. (Octopus hand again!)

this is inside goodies bag (play game)

i have bought 6 x 650gm @ RM23.49 each box. buy 3 box get 1 ball

This aeroplane pillow is redeem using the Sustagen Poscard. (mysery gift)

So, dun miss it, enjoy ur weekend there!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Katrin BJ Warehse sale

This factory warehse sale is selling La Gourmet, Maxim, BBQ King etc... cooking set
I was happy when i get know this is having 80%
had discuss with Erin, and she giving me many good info and advice which is good to use. Before tis , my house is using those Unknow wok, pot... hahahha....
So never think much, will show up myself in this warehse sale... La Gourmet, Im coming....

Maxim frying pan 28 cm, only sell RM29

The bottom is look like tis, got blue or red.

Bennchef frying pan RM25

Bottom is like tis:

Maxim small pot 18cm with handle RM39

This is La gourmet Cook & Pour Series RM199 (NP RM478) 1 big pot and 1 small pot with handle. This set is for my mum.

5.5L Thermal Wonder Cooker is only RM299 (NP RM999)

La Gourmet 1.4L Sakura Thermal Food Jar RM60.00

Satisfy wat i have grab now...............

Vivian's Sarawak Souvenior

Last and last week ago, date Vivian early in the morning, 9am enter to a wrong path (Kemuning Utama road, actually wan to passby my sister new hse snap pic then continue out the highway, but a long way at Kemuning Utama was jam............
i have stuck there 40 mins++ terrible.
If i didnt choose tis road out and take the Bukit Rimau path, sure can meet Vivian on time.
(Vivian sorry about tis)

Tis junction is end of the Kemuning Utama road headed to Highway... tatime oledy 9:35am+

after come out highway, i skip my plan, didnt go to sister house snap pic coz oledy late.

i arrive the place 10am+, lucky Vivian not in hurry. She pass me a goodies bag!!

Sarawak Cracker

wow.... tis snek sagu is my 1stime eat, i found tat very yummy........ nextime wan vivian help me buy Sarawak famous stuff : sure is tis White pepper powder.... is diffrent with KL product, the smells good and smooth~~~~~~~~~~~~ TQ Vivian help me buy ya. i give 1 to mum, she very miss tis white pepper powder....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little helper

Our house got 2 little helper
When mummy left the table cloth on the place they saw
They will grab and start thier works.........

Jessica wipe the tv cabinet, Jacelyn wipe the floor

As u can see, Jessica loves to tidy up the CD , Jacelyn need a rest, watch the Pocoyo

Is quite relax and feel LUCKY they got a habits to CLEAN the house.
Hahahahha.. of course is not my gen, im lazy mummy~~~~~~~~