Monday, May 10, 2010

Vivian's Sarawak Souvenior

Last and last week ago, date Vivian early in the morning, 9am enter to a wrong path (Kemuning Utama road, actually wan to passby my sister new hse snap pic then continue out the highway, but a long way at Kemuning Utama was jam............
i have stuck there 40 mins++ terrible.
If i didnt choose tis road out and take the Bukit Rimau path, sure can meet Vivian on time.
(Vivian sorry about tis)

Tis junction is end of the Kemuning Utama road headed to Highway... tatime oledy 9:35am+

after come out highway, i skip my plan, didnt go to sister house snap pic coz oledy late.

i arrive the place 10am+, lucky Vivian not in hurry. She pass me a goodies bag!!

Sarawak Cracker

wow.... tis snek sagu is my 1stime eat, i found tat very yummy........ nextime wan vivian help me buy Sarawak famous stuff : sure is tis White pepper powder.... is diffrent with KL product, the smells good and smooth~~~~~~~~~~~~ TQ Vivian help me buy ya. i give 1 to mum, she very miss tis white pepper powder....


MeRy said...

Nic...U like sarawak pepper alot...nextime I asked u buy.
My place here got jual.

nicole said...

TQ Mery, if u got come KL, help me buy 2 bottle.... keke...