Friday, August 28, 2009

Parenthood Expo 21/8 - 23/8

Here is some stuff i bought and freebies get frm Parenthood expo

Heinz Splat, i never had this b4, so buy for trial....
Heinz Rusks, buy 2 box only can get bear & tumbler

Huggies Jeans Pant, never saw this b4, i guess is new product in Malaysia
i bought RM13 per pack....
buy Poise RM7 get this Poise big bag....
its very nice, normally the recycle bag is standard size,
this Poise bag bigger, can bring to Tesco or hypermarket liao

sign up as Huggies online member can get this Huggies bag
TOday Publishing de freebies :

This is frm Karihome booth
Nuk booth sample
I bought a cute toothbrush (got blinking blinking lights)
This is frm Nestle booth, only get a training cup
Sealer booth
Uniq de angku kuih, RM 2 per pack~ yummy


MeRy said...

So many freebies and you seem bought alot of things too...Nice shopping.So meet any blogger mummies this time?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

A toothbrush which has lights that blink? Cute and unique. I am sure Jessica will enjoy her brushing time.

So you brought along your two angels to expo? Managed to meet frens?

Funn's said...

Wow... u really a shooping Queen lor... everytime u go out sure u bought lot of stuffs.

nicole said...

Mery, happy when get freebies... but most of the freebies is must buy their product then they only give out.
This time didnt meet any blogger there, my eye open wide look here and there, but no1 is my blogger fren~~~

yup got a botton to press then the light blinking blinking 1 minutes. only RM3.90
I went alone, H1N1 didnt bring 2 gals coming... and i got wear maask entering, very scare ~~

no la Funn, me very waste time de, i saw something nice, i didnt buy 1st, keep think think think and count count count... if im the type of straight away buy, sure grab more than this... hehehehhe