Friday, December 25, 2009

Lil Kyle (mummy yugene) 2 yr old bday @ KFC Setia Alam 19/12/09

Date : 19/12/09
Venue : KFC Setia Alam
Time : 11:30am

19/12/09 i have to go back to Ipoh with hubby bcoz my 2 SIL family come down from SG , altogether will agethering at Ipoh my PIL house.
1st hubby was saying unable to attend this party, but after tat he change his mind, allow me to attend, and after finish party, we straight away go Ipoh.
Happy Happy Happy~~~~~~

(from Left) Mummy yugene and Jacelyn , Jessica, bday boy Kyle and his daddy, behind is yugene FIL (a happy uncle in party)
Lil Ling Sien, mummy Yvonne, me, mummy yugene and Jacelyn
Lil Philip and mummy Rachel (1stime meet, my blogger buddy), Mummy Joanne & me
me, Yvonne & Joanne
my cloth de accesories very YENG leh, hahahha. 1 left 1 right
Lil Sarah & mummy Joanne & me
Lil Sarah very queit in party, and very polite, she have her fries and dip to tomato sauce......
Jacelyn, me, mummy joanne and Sarah
mummy yugene, bday boy Kyle and yugene's sister
Jessica & Ling sien very love chicky
Playing session
Ling sien, Mummy yvonne, me & Jacelyn
my dear dear Jacelyn
giving ballon to Jacelyn

me & Yvonne
Chicky was there, daddy show to jacelyn
Happy bday to u~~~~~~~
yeah, big group snap with chicky
Mummy joanne (on behalf of lil Sarah), get the gift from chicky
Mummy Rachel & lil Philip get the gift and snap pic with chicky
Jessica get the gift
mummy help jacelyn get the gift
Yugene's goodies for Jessica & Jacelyn
i love yugene's goodies bag...... Mickey!!!!


Yvonne Tan said...

Nicole, thanks for ur photo, very ice and clear too, i likes it :)

nicole said...

welcome poh ying.....

Mummy Gwen said...

So nice lah the photos. :) Glad to know all of you had fun at the party. :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

That's my girl Nicole, she always like that...very timid, hehe.