Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cameron trip with GuJie & SukSuk family

19/12/09 After attend Kyle's bday party, we straight away on our journey back to Ipoh
not much pic snap, and some pic still awaiting SUK SUK, Gu JIE fwd to us.

Below are snap at Cameron 20~21 Dec 2010
many kids walk along the farm/ garden to view all those flower and vege

The apartment we stayat cameron , out there got a playground park , they play the bubble ball
Before go to Cameron , celeb XIN YI jie jie's bday party at Ipoh. Mummy able get the kfc party park to all kids

Gu Jie family.......


Mummy Moon said...

Nice gateaway to Cameron !

nicole said...

mummy moon, hahah, this is my 1stime to cameron, believe it or not? hehhehe