Friday, December 18, 2009

Dora, here we come~~~~~ 19/12/09

Thanks for Vicky inform me this event, so tat we have opportunity to meet Dora~~

Date : 16-20 Dec 2009

Time: 11am- 8pm

Venue: 1U, New wing Highstreet, Ground Floor

Hi Dora....... we are very excited when Dora come out to see us.

Snap Snap pic by photographer

Jessica snap with Dora

Jacelyn snap with Dora (the staff help mummy hug Jacelyn

Jessica coloring

Snap pic with this Dora display board

Meet amber mama, her dotter so cute

Jessica, Jacelyn, Rachel (Grace's dotter) & Jia Jia (Peggy's dotter)

mummy with Jessica, Jia jia & Peggy, Grace (know her so long oledy but 1stime meet her.......)

The freebies get in this event. (when is my turn, no more Tee & neck pillow..........cry~~~~~~~~)


恩轩至佳_密池 said...

aiyoyo...your twins are so cute and pretty! The Dora look is very colorful and interesting. I guess your twins must be very enjoy and happy when meeting their idol!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..didn't know got Dora at 1U. Haha..your girls are very cute. So many friends you met there. Was it planned?

I think the Dora looks diff from the real one hehe.

Anney said...

My niece loves Dora so much! Wish we have that kind of event here.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wow, both of them do not afraid of the BIG DORA? So brave!

That was the first time you met Grace? Her dotter very cute and pretty hor.

You met Peggy before?

Mummy Moon said...

Nice outing! Merry Christmas to you n your family!

nicole said...

Chan, tq, my gals are not twins, Jess is going to 3 yr old and Jacelyn only 1 yr 5 mths...yea, they are Dora fans.....aand KaiLan as well, but we didnt meet KaiLan on the day coz too tired to wait for next session.

Mummy Gwen, hhhmmmm miss out this good chance edy, hope nextime u can catch up and i will try my best to let u know (hope i never miss out 1 of u about the event ). The Dora look very different with cartoon, coz the head not tat big and very tall... in cartoon the Dora is big head and short de.....

Anney, hi, thx to drop by here, ur niece love Dora too.... many kids love Doram, is a very nice cartoon, as a mummy i also watch tpgether with my gals....... Anney u stay at where?

Joanne, yea, both of my gal not affraid Dora,b4 we go 1u, i have told them we going to meet Dora, so they have preparing to meet. This is my 1stime meet Grace, her gal Rachel very pretty, so girlish.... and with long hair. Peggy is 2nd tome to meet her ,1st time was at CHole's (mummy winnie) bday..

Mummy moon, yea, so happy manage to let them meet Dora on friday b4 i go to Ipoh on sat. lucky, no need LOH LOH LUEN.....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

At least both your girls really prepared the moment you told them to get prepared for the big dora. Everytime I told Sarah something much advance, but she still behaved the same old her; shy and timid!

Peggy did went to Chloe's birthday party, I see. So that was your first meeting with her lah.