Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Popular Ware hse sale Part 3

27 Nov 09, holiday....
after shop at BBW, then come to this Popular again, coz i got MISSION
to help friend to buy Disney set.

2 cooking books 不一样的宴客菜RM 8.58 (RM42.90), 成人病食谱 RM9.15 (RM45.75)
家庭医护百科 RM17.60 (RM88.00)

Colouring book RM2.00 each (RM10 each)

Inside got sticker

abc writing books RM1.72 (RM8.60)


Disney set (this is the Mission to help fren buy)
Princess 5 set : leanne, Queenie, Jeannie, Suzanne & cousin Ying
Pooh 4 set : yugene, Jennifer, Mery x 2 sets
p/s: hand almost patah to carry this 9 sets........ belanja me drink wor~~~~~~~~~


MeRy said...

TQ for helping me buy Pooh sets....

nicole said...

ur welcome Mery