Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stabilo 7 Hours shopping challenge

Hey guys, I need vote from u all

I have join a contest submit a most creative photo featuring at least one (1) STABILO swing cool highlighter. Then, i need get your guys to vote on jmy entry to boost my chances of being one of the 7 finalists. Each chosen finalist and one (1) partner will attempt a shopping challenge to win RM 7,000

So far, i still left behind. hope can be one of the 7 winners.

1) Allow this application in FB :

2) Then inside "snapshoots Gallery" , can find the pic i posted in page 5 as below:
3) click on the pic, then will enlarge
4) click on the LIKE (Thumb up)

Then i will get a vote.
Thank you very much on the support...


Little Kit Boy said...

Sure Sure Sure. Of course will vote for you. Btw, is there any limitation like how many times a voter can vote cos if no limitation, then everyday also we can submit our votes to you loh.


nicole said...

no need vote so many times, coz 1 person only can vote one. hahahhaha

TQ so much.

Alice Phua said...

OK, voted!

nicole said...

Thx Alice