Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lil Shuenice Bday lunch @ JJ Bukit Tinggi on 10 May 09

Today we attend lil Shuenice bday lunch at JJ Bukit Tinggi
once we arrive (very very late) they already finish the lunch
mummy Poh Ying just left
mummy Winnie still there
but lil Shuenice was sleep inside stroller

Mummy with bb Jacelyn, Jessica, mummy Winnie and lil Chloe, mummy ann and lil Chrysene

The goodies bag from mummy Ann... wow... so nice!!!!!! Thx~
inside the small gift in 1 bag
Here want to thnks to mummy Winnie & mummy Poh Ying for the gift too!!
I love it~~

AFter finish our meal, mummy bring me go to centre court
again we attend the sustagen activities

This is the Magnestic clip we get from counter
must buy the milk powder only have it
todays the goodies bag inside is Sustagen Radio
cool.... 1 for me, 1 for mei mei~~~


the little prince said...

wow...so nice..another gathering for mummy n all the little princess.....

nicole said...

yea... hope see u at Jeremy's bday!

Oliveoylz said...

The sustagen radio is cute:)

nicole said...

yea, can paste on ceramic wall de

Ley Mei said...

great gathering u guys have..so "ON" to stay in klang huh.. keke