Monday, May 4, 2009

Drypers Carnival @ Titiwansa Taman Tasik 3/5/09

This morning, after had our late breakfast 12noon (coz wake up late)
mummy decide go to Titiwangsa
bcoz there got a Drypers Carnival
so daddy fetch us a long way to go
we arrive at Titiwangsa around 1pm

The goodies bag:

The gift and goodies bag inside.

Can u see my daddy & mei mei? (left) hahahha...
middle u can found the crown entertaining kids
I get a baloon puppy from crown

This is the 4 booth in Drypers Carnival... why no ppl geh?
outdoor, under the sun...
We are inside the Trak, got air-con, very comfortable
mei mei very scare Drypers staff

mei mei keep look at daddy (he is outside)
im at "Zon Permainan Kanak kanak"

play slide
dunt wanna go home


Oliveoylz said...

The goodies are pretty attractive and comes in handy. Your kids not scared of the clown? My boy used to be terrified of clowns! Like the cute head-gear mei mei is wearing.

nicole said...

Jessica no scare to the clown, but mei mei was crying if the clown near her
Meimei's head scraft was very attractive by foreigner during i let her wear at shopping mall

Natalia said...

So many goodies! Too bad no such carnival at sabah. Both Jessica & Jacelyn look enjoying. Got playground some more.

nicole said...

Natalia, yea, Jessica is the one very very enjoy. mei mei still manja manja, and afraid of stranger..

Mummy Gwen said...

So many goodies. Gwen is very afraid of clowns..haha. Both of them so cute. Look very much alike too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Did you saw Joanne Ngan? She was there too.

Seems like not many ppl were there.

Ann said...

Come and Join the Drypers Carnival at

13th – 14th June : Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Kuala Lumpur

27th – 28th June : Giant Hypermarket, Batu Caves

nicole said...

Thx mummy Gwen, they are sister ma...

Joanne Tiew, i didnt meet Joanne ngan bcoz she went on sat, i went on sun... but i did call her for the direction la.. heheheh

Ann... wow, thx for the info!