Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sustagen Club @Bukit Tinggi Klang on 8May09

This is the 1st day of Sustagen Club at Bukit Tinggi (8/5/09)
Mummy & me arrive around 3pm.
We headed this Sustagen Club activities
There is 4 games we need to complete:
1st: Little Big Breakfast
play the pc game, make breakfast...

2nd game : Snack Attack
its a puzzle game

3rd game : Lunch Adventure
find the nutrition food... (got shown in list)
inside the tunnel got few foods to pick
then inside this pool also got food to pick

4th game: Dinner Shopping
play pc game~ shopping
me & mummy Winnie
Goodies bag (after complete 4 games)
3 packs of sustagen, 1 sustagen bag
sustagen magnet, car sticker
a height chart
2pcs sticker given by staff
Jessica's Activity Card
Collect all 4 stamps
This is the "mystery gift"
wow... sustagen container!!
inside got a clip
Not bad huh this activities!!!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

May I know the clip is for...?

I think the gift is less attractive compared to Drypers Carnival, but I am sure Jessica had fun playing the game.

Julie said...

The gifts inside my goodies bag is different. I went on the second day. My boy is just 1.5 years old so he can't participate in those games except for the ball pool.

nicole said...

the clips is for example : sustagen milk power packing, after open it, can use the clip to tie it.

im wondering what is inside ur goodies bag on 2nd day....
and do u have the postcard? izit also sustagen container & clip?

Oliveoylz said...

My son loves those tubs filled with colourful balls! He won't want to leave that place! The sustagen container is very useful...I have one Milo container which I absolutely love to use for storage.

nicole said...

Jessica also dun wanna leave the ball pool there... me try to ask her out she treat me invisible.. haha
the storage box i lov eit, to pull all the toys inside.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

O, I see.
Then the clip is very useful.