Thursday, November 26, 2009

Popular warehse sale Part II

i duno is my pc or the line problem
keep upload the photo but is failed
finally, i manage to upload all
and will brief to u all the book i bought and the price here.

We went to warehse sale 11.30am until 3pm back home
popo, mummy , jessica & jacelyn and cousin mindy jie jie shop alots
bring back this books....... heavy~~~~~~~~
have to carrying stroller and 2 kids along is a HEAVY DUTY!

we bought 4 bozes of puzzle, 1st 顽皮动物 is NETT RM7.90, following 3 boxes are RM22.90 after discount 80% = RM4.58 each (never aware on the 1st box is NETT price.)

疑难杂症 RM3.36 (before R16.80) 维生素全书 RM4.76 (RM23.80) 蔬菜养生食疗 RM9.60 (RM48.00) 蔬菜养生读本RM3.60 (RM18.00) 蔬食超美味 RM7.72 (RM38.60) 港式粤菜RM9.16 (RM48.00) 维他命C健康圣经 RM5.14 (RM25.70)

Again, books for Jessica & Jacelyn
语言益智游戏RM11.90 NETT 益智游戏3-4岁 RM5 (RM25.00) 益智游戏1-2岁RM5 (RM25) 折起来制作吧 RM3 (RM15) 我会用剪刀RM2.76 (RM13.80) 涂涂玩玩 RM2.16 (RM10.80)
磁性教育训练板ABC RM2.86 (RM14.30), 123 & abc RM2.90 each (RM14.50each)

ABC写一写 RM4.58 (RM22.90)
Inside :
ABC擦写书 RM2.26 (RM11.30)
IQ-UP RM3.44 (17.20) , 迷宫 RM2.76 (RM13.80)
This is recomen from a fren in multi - Erin (wan say tq to u again inform me to grab this )
Disney Princess 双语宝盒 RM19.60 (RM98.00)
toys 皇冠
once the box open, got music played 6 story book inside, its english ^ chinese version

Jacelyn wear it
Jessica & mummy
Disney Pooh set RM19.60 (RM98.00)

a soft toys - pooh
5 story book , english & chinese version minicake, mummy bought at pasar pagi, RM5.80 only


Mummy Moon said...

so many books, great bargain!

MeRy said...

Nice books...I love the POOh Set....

恩轩至佳_密池 said...

哇。。你这次买的比上次更精彩。所有ABC的材料我都gam ler..你是在那个角落看到的? 我这个星期要去扫货了。

Wonderful Life said...

wow... lotsa books!!
I think i wanna go and check out the warehouse sale in Pg also. :)

nicole said...

mummy moon, very good bargain here.
and if u free, go to Big Bad wolf book sale at amcorp mall , all english version, 70-90% leh

Mery, i help u buy, no worry

Tan, this abc is in middle hall, right hand booth.

wonderful life, the sale at penang is only up to 30% (all popular outlet), the warehse sale only at Usj subang jaya.

peggy said...

nicole ar ... i wan i wan ... de pooh n de disney princess damn worth 2 buy lor ... til got anot ?

Joanne said...

Nicole, u went 2 times and bought so many books, all are very nice and great deal...

Initially i plan to go Big Bad wolf book shop but hubby not familiar there and due to going back PIL house tomolo, like very miss out the chance, still yet to see the post on this, wanna see how crazy price they have :)

mali~mali~hom!!! said...

i think is the blogger problem.. coz im having same problem when uploading the photo.. keep hang half way!!

wa wa... nicole... u really make my heart itchy!! this w/h/s is better than then Mines 1 i think!! want o ask hubby to go ad!! hahaha... eh.. the pooh set really nice!! where u get it?

mali~mali~hom!!! said...

i mean the pooh set which part of the w/h/s u gt it? and all the children books? easier for me to find coz very hard to c look slowly with my 2 boys around... :s

nicole said...

peggy, the pooh and princess still have

JOanne, yesterday i went to BBW, and popular (again, 3rd time) kekekke, i m bookworm....

the disney set is located at the middle hall (the hall which is entrence ) , then is left hand booth, also middle part.
happy shop ya!

ChloeRuoyi said...

WOW! That's A LOT of books you bought! We are bookworms too, but too bad, we didn't know about this warehouse sale and missed it. I like the cute little cakes too... so pretty!