Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Hoopla Roadshow

Friday Afternoon 13/11/09, Mummy manage to bring Jessica go to attend this
Dutch Lady Disney Hoopla Roadshow
Entrace to the game
game 1
aftergame 1, snap a pic there....
game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Photo session

5.00pm Story telling

Astro booth
finish game and get the mickey cap~~~~~~
a freebies get after finish the game

Dutch lady mysery gift
Playhouse Disney Learning Adventure Book at Astro booth
fill up the Astro a/c no., and get the goodies bag

Bought RM100 Dutch lady product get this school bag
Dutch lady book enclosed during purchase dutch lady milk powder pack

Dutch lady milk


the little prince said...

so many gift!! So nice!

Merryn said...

cant wait for it to come to 1U! must go

Mummy Moon said...

so many games! we are not taking this dutch lady milk can go for this event? can take part the game?

nicole said...

yugene, haha... finish the game can get the gift.

Merryn, yup must go 1U de.

Mummy Moon, yes, u take down ur astro a/c no. and register in Astro booth , then can get a entry pass to play game. otherwise spend RM20 on DL product.