Monday, November 23, 2009

Popular Warehse sale @ Summit

yeah yeah, ww want to say WORTH for this POPULAR Warehse sale
Venue : SUMMIT USJ SUBANG 4th Floor
Date : 20 Nov - 6 Dec
Time : 10am-10pm

Sunday, go this warehse sale
eye and brain very blur blur coz too many types of book out there.

We manage buy the books as below:
For Jessica
For Jessica & Jacelyn
This 3 book is RM25 each before discount, after 80%, RM5+ each, very worth
This Medical book is the most worth we bought RM98.70 before discount, after RM19+ happy until FLY~~~~~~~~~~~

Last night open this game book, got a fishing game 捞鱼游戏 attached inside after discount only RM5
inside the book got picture of animal
and some art to do
Jessica take the fishing game go to the bathtub, ready for bath
2 of them going to bath soon, (P/S: naked pic didnt upload)


LittleLamb said...

got english books or not?

MeRy said...

When is the sales over???

nicole said...

Rachel, got english book de, Novel, story book and study books for kids also have.

Mery, the sales over 5/12/09

Mummy Gwen said... many books!! Good bargain. :)

Thanks for the info on the Dutch Lady Hoopla camp. :D

nicole said...

welcome Mummy Gwen.

LittleLamb said... adult english books or not??? maybe i go this Friday. wanna join me again?

恩轩至佳_密池 said...

wow! so many books! are u sure you have time to finish them? haha...t's really worth to buy! thanks for sharing, hope i have chance to go there this weekend!

nicole said...

Rachel, tis friday is holiday isit, but my huby got work, so mayb i canot go on friday wor, but if i can, i will SPOT u there la.

Chan BT
wow, u will come over to KL again, then dun miss out this warehse sale, im sure u will happy and no regret!

nicole said...

Rachel, got english book there, not as much as chinese book, but still have adult novel too