Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poko Jang Soft Toys Year 2009 (Part I)

Mummy expected today will get the Poko Jang toys
but wait a whole day, the Pos Laju still never come
abit disappointed
Bcoz inside Mp forum, most of MP mummy received the toys today
Why mine never get ?
Around 6pm, there is a van coming
Yeah!!!!!!!! Hurry up
Its Pos Laju
Finally, We get this a package frm Postman.

3 new design: Chicky, Piggy & Doggy

We have the design of Tiger & Bunny is previous redemption program
Mummy did post in
April 2008 . So now we got 5 toys...
awaiting another 2 toys frm MP office for 2nd batch.

How to redeem?
Sign up as Mamypoko Club member here
Then, this is the Campaign
and print out this form
fill it up and send to MP office before closing date : 15/1/09


Alicia said...

wah cute leh... its for u or ur girl hehehe

nicole said...

tats for my gals de~

Mummy Moon said...

Wahh, so cute... I have collected many MP bar code and the points stamps from the package. Need these to redeem?

nicole said...

yes Mummy moon, if u got collected the barcode, then can redeem it.
I just amend my blog, add some information about how to redeem, u can view it.
Just 1 Mamypoko diaper barcode + 1 Mamypoko Pants barcode. very easy
hurry up send the forms before 15/1/09
Hope u can get it too to Yan Yan & Heng Heng

Joanne ~ said...

hey...u got yours too, after waiting n waiting ya, hehe...

so u got all ur poko jang or not ?

u like which one ?

nicole said...

JOanne Ngan
yes, waiting for so long, i sent out 5 forms, it only comes 3 toys, the balance 2 will become 2nd batch for different design.
i loves piggy.. hahah

Mummy Moon said...

Nicole, thanks for sharing and I have check out the site.....My babies only wear MP diaper so I have only diaper barcode, too bad :(
Then what I have collected is a waste now :( Hu hu hu hu!

nicole said...

Mummy Moon
u can buy Mamy Poko Pants RM17+- at Guardian, or C4
U let ur babies wear pants during go shopping. Buy 1 pack as stock la!
Hope u can get this toys, very cute
Dunt be sad, Mamypoko always have Campaigns on, ur barcode wont be a waste, keep it. Me too, keep a lots of barcode for future redemption program.

LittleLamb said...

wow..that's an entire collection.. u surely is MP fan-cee...

nicole said...

yes, im MP Fan C lai de... hahah

Oliveoylz said...

Oh...I like your collection. Cute leh.

Esmeralda said...

Wow.. u have the whole set of PKJ? So nice... Jessica sure love it ya... U must have used so many bar codes for MP Pants..

Joanne ~ said...

so u have another 2 not receive, mp will send u difference design mo ?

Natalia said...

I heard it will be the last batch for redemption. I didn't redeem cos I don't have the bar code for MP pant.

The Poko Jang are so cute.

Irene said...

wah, i never seem to get to redeem all this, hmmm... cus i don collect the MP barcodes. lazy laaaahh! bad bad me!

nicole said...

thx, i also cant believe i got this collection, hahaha...

Its not whole set la, last year i did redeem only 2 types, not enought MP pant lastime. This time i saw its LAST redemption of PKJ toys program, so dun wan be missout, even no more MP Pant, still go to buy it, to get the barcode to redeem.

i sent 5 forms to office, 1st batch they only give me 3 design. i tot the other 2 forms missing, very worry, then called to office double check. They say this batch only come out 3 types, the other 2 design will going to sent in next batch. The officer do very hard work la, prevent duplicate design to us leh... very good~~

PKJ toys is very cute, its not too small & too big, very nice to hold.aiya... u didnt redeem either 1 ar....

nextime u cut out the MP barcode to keep for future program.
Im doing this way, so everytime got redeemption program, u wont feel miss out or feel regret throw all barcodes.