Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Bday Gift (Part 2)

wa.... This is so many pressie received

Thanks to Mummy Winnie, Mummy Pauline, Mummy Irene, Mummy Ann& Mummy Amy:
2 Story Book: Rainy Day & Why Aren't you Asleep?
(The book Why Aren't you Asleep" very suit me (mummy said)...

Winnie the Pooh

Barbie & cartoon Barney & Tweety backpack

Thanks to Mummy Yuki, Mummy Yugene, Mummy Yvonne, Mummy Chin Huei for these nice cloth & slipper..
New cloth for CNY yeah!!!!!!!!

Pressie frm KFC : Teddy Stacking Cups

Goodies frm KFC

Thanks for Mummy Yen Ping (Seremban) courier this
Colouring sticker book & and a photo frame for Jacelyn mei mei

Thanks to Mummy KC Ten courier this Minnie Mouse bag

Received a dress by courier, its frm Mummy Peggy, Thx!

Received a greeting cards from Dutch lady
yeah.. im 2 yrs old


Oliveoylz said...

Wow! That sure is a lot of presies for a 2 yr old! Happy gal!

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday Jessica...

Wow..many pressie. Such a lucky gal :)

emarszone said...
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MommyAngel said...

Wah ... bb Jessica got so many gifts leh .... all nice nice gift oh!!! She must be very happy :)

Nicole .... a bit late for Jessica's birthday present ya, will post once I come back to KL :) Sorry for the delay :)

nicole said...

thx for the greet
aiya, pai seh la...
but do happy if u can join us during CNY go to MP mummy hse celeb

nicole said...

hehehe... yea, so happy

thx for the bday greeting

Daniel said... many presents. I wished I were two years old again ;)

nicole said...

thx to drop by here.

piggie piglet chickie said...

hello..nicole..the clothes i give to jessica..big cutting ma??
paiseh le..i duno whether she can wear or not..but i choose those bigger size..rather than small size..

nicole said...

yes, its big cutting, i will keep it 1st la... heheh.. thx Yuki
u r right, big size better than smaller size

the little prince said...

I have bought year 3 instead of Year 2...:-)

Ooppss...forgot about the mummy gift!! :-) Will pass to you during CNY la!!

Kristie said...

wow so many pressies... lucky gal!

nicole said...

Im also buy yr3 shirt most of the time for Jessica, sometimes Yr2 cutting is too small.

me also feel happy she got lots pressie, happy for her.

Yvonne Tan said...

nice present, hope jessica like it :)

Mummy Moon said...

Lucky birthday girl.... She must be tired unwrap so many pressie

nicole said...

Thx for the lovely pressie frm u, Gonf Xi Fa cai to u & family

Mummy Moon
Im the 1 unwrap the pressie, she is busy to play the pressie.. ahhahah

Ping said...

wow! So many gift Jessica receive :)
Did Jessica love the mickey mouse colouring book? The photo frame nice right?

nicole said...

yen Ping
yes, she like the Mickey Mouse coulouring book, myself also like it, feel want to colour ir myself already... heheheh :p
The photo frame very nice, i put Jacelyn's pic inside
Thx again

Serene said...

Nice pressies.... Lucky girl!

Yvonne Tan said...

Today is baby Jessica's bday....wish u happy birthday & healthy ya @_@

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

so many nice nice gift...

Jess said...

Wah... so many

Happy Birthday...

From Jess