Monday, January 19, 2009

My Birhday Party @ KFC

My Actual Bday is 24 January
Mummy organise an advance party for me
Date : 18/1/09 Sunday
Time : 11am-1pm
Venue: KFC Jalan Meru

Cake ready by KFC (Package all include)

Shake hand with Chicky... so happy

Get present from Chicky

Group session

From left Back : Mummy Irene & BB Jeremy, mummy Amy, mummy Pauline & BB Kai Chen, Chicky, bb Jacelyn & mummy Nicole
Infront : BB Edward & Mummy Yuki, Poh Ying, bb Shuenice & mummy Ann, Me (hide behind cake), Mummy Yugene & bb Kyle, mummy Winnie & bb Chloe, mummy Chin Huei & bb Ethan
Right: is my daddy only the Man inside pic... hehhe

More pic below


Esmeralda said...

Happy Belated Birthday to BB Jessica.. Hope you'll grow up "kuai kuai" day by day... Great party...

nicole said...

Thx Esmeralda

MommyAngel said...

Happy Birthday to Jessica, that is so nice of you to give her a special party in KFC ..... she looks so pretty in her dress too. New dress ah?

nicole said...

yes, new dress, buy frm baby online shop, hahahah..... mix & match then come out this.
Nextime hope u can join us!! Our door is always open for all...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is a very nice celebration..
I think Chicky is more friendly than the MC'D mascot..hehe.
Yugene and other mommies looked so happy...But I dont know some of their names..

nicole said...

yes, Chicky more friendly than McD Mascot. We shld voice out to McD, change Mascot
oh, ok, let me update the mummy's name in blog

Mummy Moon said...

Happy Birthaday to Jessica!!!!

nicole said...

thx mummy Moon~

Kristie said...

Happy belated birthday to jessica princess :)

nice MP gathering again!

nicole said...

yes, very nice meet MP mummies there too

Alicia said...

happy birthday to jessica in advance... looks like she enjoyed herself

nicole said...

She feel enjoy @ KFC party, lots of frens & many balloon... busy to play wt them.

Oliveoylz said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Aunty is still on time, huh? 3 more days to the actual date! Lovely to see Mr. Chicky making an appearance. I'm a mascot fan!

emarszone said...
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nicole said...

yes, still on time... hahhaha... oh u love the mascot too? Most of the baby very scare this. But lucky Jessica not.

Jess said...

Happy belated birthday to jessica

From Jess