Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winnie's baby Chole Birthday party (8/12/08)

This morning, mummy let me wear nicely to attend Chloe mei mei;s bday party at KFC, Klang

Im looking at them playing the games

Happy Bday to u..... Happy Bday to Chloe~~~
Chicky give me a gift
from left chickky, baby chloe, mummy winnie, baby Jessica, mummy Nicole, lil Ling Sien, mummy poh ying, baby Sean ,mummy Pei Wun. Behind is baby Kai Chen with hand of mummy Pauline (Pauline face can see the 3rd pic from above)
mummy poh ying said this cake is Zen choco cake
have my drinks - orange
my favourite fries


Wonderful Life said...

Nice party... she seems enjoy the food huh?

nicole said...

Doreen, yes, KFC got her favourite fries..

Serene said...

Wah.. good, a party at fast food restaurant should be good if compare at home hor.. No need to do cleaning job afterward. So good! Oh.. she also like fries? Xixi also.. hahaha

nicole said...

Serene, yes, very good if have party outside. like u say no need to cleaning after tat.

MommyAngel said...

Wah .... eating fries liao leh ..... She must be really happy :) :) She don't afraid of the Chicky oh, if Angel sure cried out loud liao after seeing the chicky coming near her, hahaha

the little prince said...

Wahhh....everybody having fun!!

She like fries ya....did u use tissue 'dry up' the oil? Just asking cos I always saw my fren did that to her son!! :-)

little prince's mummy said...

Nice gathering :)

btw, got an award for u:

nicole said...

this time she is not afraid de chickky, mayb she grow up... hahha..

i didnt use tissue to dry up the fries oil oh... ok, next time i will do it, I also feel very oily, thx for ur advise. better to do it!

thx for de award, i will grab it

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nice nice! Is really a great gathering.
I wonder is Josephine and Joanne in the party too?

nicole said...

Josephine & Joanne was not in de party, mayb can meet them in next gathering