Monday, December 15, 2008

Cute stuff bought @ Daiso The Curve

Waiting for ao long
finally Daiso new opening @ The Curve
befor tat only SG & KK, Sabah have this Daiso
mummy cant wait, hurry up bring me there for shopping.

the shop was allocate @ 2nd floor The Curve

nice pinch

craft punch also

this toy is for me to play while im taking bath


MommyAngel said...

Wah .... you bought a lot of puncher leh, for paper craft?

Natalia said...

I think Daiso at The Curve bigger than at 1Borneo. Some of the items really worth to buy and very cute.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ u craze over japanese stuff recently a?

nicole said...

i use de puncher for punching seaweed... looks cute if i let my gals having it. she so happy with the little shape.

ya, 1borneo also got Daiso, b4 tat i think of grab stock next year trip to KK, but since i know Daiso will going open at The Curve, im so happy.

yup, coz can make my gals happy, i will happy too

Mummy Moon said...

Wohh! you were there at Daiso too.. bought so many things... looking forward to see your post on bento

Kristie said...

Wow so many stuffs!!! Are the items cheap?

nicole said...

u can found all the cute item at Daiso only RM5 each..
feel free to drop by there~