Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ice Lemon Tea taste

Tea time at Old Town Coffee Shop .
Let me show u how my face after i try the Ice Lemon Tea


Sour~~~~ but i like it~~~~~~


Funn's said...

Wow... she really enjoyed it!

Funn's said...

Nicole dear, why never see u leh? We miss u deeply... spare some time with us lar... hahaha!!

quEeNie said...

i like d last pic, Jess look so cute

nicole said...

funn & Queenie
She very like sour taste, keep wan to drink.

liteng said...

she drinks til showing sour face but still like the taste :D so cute

nicole said...

hahaha... mummy's naughty gal.
i also like the last pic... when saw this pic, sure happy.