Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing Part II

This morning mummy on the Astro, when i saw Jay CHou's new song MTV, I very like it~ i have a new pattern : turn around

This funny dance is after we finish watch the movie 老师嫁老大


Agnes Khoo said...

Nic, u should send ltle jessica to dance school for training. She is such a good potential on dancing! Who know the coming famous dancer will be Jessica Cho!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nicole, Jessica so cute when she is dancing. I think she loves singing and dancing very much.
Did you teach her to do the turn around?

nicole said...

will consider about send her go dance school.

I never teach her, she suddenly act this to me, mayb she learn from TV...

SY said...

Jess so cute. Train her up to become malaysia dancer..

liteng said...

she so cute in dancing! i also juz watch da movie. jess trying to imitate da guy is it.. haha!

quEeNie said...

Jess is so cute when dancing. I think she likes dancing a lot

nicole said...

SY, Liteng, Queenie
yalo, she likes to imitate ppl's action.
Once i open the DVD she likes, she will pre-act the action before it on show.