Monday, April 14, 2008

Cookies snack

Mummy bought some cookies snack for me and all cookies a bit hard for me to bite. So mummy everytime will make a cup of Milo, and let my cookies dip dap inside Milo, then will become soft~ yummy~~~~

Left : Healthy Times- Honey Graham Hugga Bear Cookies
Middle : Morinaga - Manna Biscuit
Right : Healthy Times - Whole Grain Vanilla Arrowroot Cookies


Ping said...

Yummy! cookies...i has been looking cookies in seremban hypermarket but i can't find it. Now asking my friend help see wether she can buy bealf of me or not...i like this cookies and suitable to children.

nicole said...
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nicole said...

yes Ping, if u need some help from me, just let me know la.

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Nicole, i also likes to buy my ger cookies leh.. can share with me where u buy ur's?

nicole said...

Healthy Time cookies can found at Cold Storage & Jusco. (I bought at Jusco Bkt Tinggi Klang)
Then the Morinaga biscuit can go Tesco, Carrefour. (I bought at Carrefour Klang)

liteng said...

wah so many cookies for jess... sure she love the snack time.. yum~yum!