Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michael Jackson - Rest In Peace

Michael Jackson
mummy say MJ is her childhood super star
His music is make people excited, his dancing part is very unique
He is full of spirit in his music

24/6/09~ We bought Michael Jackson Thriller DVD at Speedy
come back home we watch his DVD
I start to knw this Michael.... his song bring me up up~~~
and i repeat to play his song and can song some part of it..
the dancing part Moonwalker very make me happy....

26/6/09 ~ a Bad NewsTots is a joke but radio & TV was reporting tat Michael was dead!!
no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable
He is a Pop of King
He is No.1 musical line
He is the only 1 in the world who was no other Michael again in this world

Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Black & White, Do u Remember, Beat It is my favourite MTV
His DVD concert in Japan, Live in Bucharest : The Dangerous Tour & Live in Romania we never miss....

Michael 's song will always be with us... His song let us be together even we are from different country, diffrent nationality...

Michael, REST IN PEACH.... WE ALWAYS LOVE U!!!!!!!!

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