Monday, July 13, 2009

Huggies Redemption - Play Train

Use Huggies Point (polybag) to accumulate 100 point for this toys!
This is the Huggies Redemption form The Huggies Play Train bag
Huggies Play Train look
Jessica & Jacelyn very excited!
Daddy inside the train!
Daddy also love this Play Train


Ley Mei said...

i was wondering what is that too yesterday when i was @ the shopping center.. may be shouldgo and check details hwo to do it. to redeem

nicole said...

Ley Mei,
u can get the redemption forms from some outlet : Giant, C4, Aeon..
u just collect the polybag points
75 point can get a Play Mat
100 point is Play Train

Oliveoylz said...

I love the play train...Luckily I kept the polybags...I quickly went to total up the points and guess what? I have enough points to redeem the train. Woohoo! Thanks for informing...

nicole said...

wa.. Oliveoylz
Its nice to hear tat u oso got enuff point to get it. Me tat day also count the polybag, its so lucky can redeem this Play Train, so so so happy!!!!!

agnes said...

wow.. that's cool!!!

nicole said...

get PLay Train for Chloe and Play mat for ur lil baby!!!!!!!

MeRy said...

So cute....I just noe abt this redemption program.Too bad only avail at West Msia again.

nicole said...

u can fill the form and request Home delivery, just add RM10 to Kimberly office.

the little prince said...

So day bring Kyle to your place n play with your two girls!! :-)

Mummy Ryan said...

Wow tis year redemption better than last year..last year i got redeemed huggies tent for Ryan...but tis year gift very nice + cute...Im sure both of ur gal really like the play train so much..:)

恩轩至佳 said...'s really nice! too bad, my kid is wearing mamy poko instead!

nicole said...

ya, welcome to my hse if u free, im sure my gals very happy got lil handsome boy come to play with them, and Jessica is owez sharing her toys with frens..

Mummy Ryan
ya, i saw lastime Huggies also got redemption, the play tent is look like a castle, izit? it is look so nice. i dont have leh, miss out already. Have u redeem this Play Train? its very worth and redemption until Dec09, hurry up!

恩轩's 妈咪
sometimes MP also got redemtion program, udont forget keep the polybag of MP too...
Huggies Ultra also not bad, u can let them have a try. wear during outdoor activity
Of course, MP is the best absorbtion for night...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The play tent is so cute. I am sure your angels will like it.

Sally said...

hi, nicole

i have just call the kimberly clark, the ga told me need to bring the whole polybag to redeem the train?

but what i read at, they said just cut out the point will do.

Actually how u redeem it??

Thank you.

nicole said...

They very happy when we set up the play tent, and keep going inside and laughing.......

in cetain outlet , the promoter was accept cut out points. it depends on the promoter.
i redeem it at Giant USJ , i got miz up the cut out point (lastime duno, cut out the point to keep) and also bring over the whole polybag, the promoter was accept, she say it ok, and thx for me for those already cut out, make her work easy....

I hear some of my fren say the outlet they redeem MUST using whole poly bag... my frens oledy cut out, they dun wan to accept, very weird. End up, she canot redeem and have to buy the new pack of HUggies leh~~~

So if u want to redeem, better use whole poly bag.

If ur Huggies point oledy cut out, u may try this Subang USJ Giant (if u stay Subang area)