Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chap Goh Meh CNY day 15 (post dated 9/2/09)

We stay at our house @ Kemuning Greenhills about 1 week (7/2/09-15/2/09)during my yehyeh & mahmah come over here from Ipoh.
Its a wonderful time here, just relax & play
Mummy yet to buy sofa so our living room its a big space for me to ride my bike here & there
CNY day 15, Auntie Winnie (MP mummy) bring Chloe meimei come over here
its a CNY last day, still can say "bai nien" & gong hei fat choi, ang pao ang pao

Im become Jie Jie, sharing my Dinasour bike with Chloe meimei

U press this button, got music de leh, lets listen it!!!! ok, let me push , happy to take care Chloe mei mei My lil Jacelyn mei mei, Chloe, Me~~


Mummy Gwen said... it your new house? Jessica has alot of toys and bikes huh. She is one lucky girl..hehe.

nicole said...

Yes, its my hse (already 1 year+ no more new lor), seldom stay there coz all the while stay at my parents hse, got ppl help me take k babies & i can do my works (home office at parent hse).

LittleLamb said...

wahh the bike can move by itself? use battery one?? cool! is it expensive???

nicole said...

i went to My Dear Warehse sale to buy this, RM150 only.
My Dear Warehse sale is coming soon 26/2-8/3. If u wan to buy tricycle or bike, dont miss out this

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Winnie and Chloe were at your nice

piggie piglet chickie said...

nicole..i like the bike eh..i bought b4 also rm80..
canot buy so much space to put... this hse nobody stay ah?? then got guard ard or not?