Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bento lunch box Collection

another new things on
Pooh lunch box Thermo bag + water bottle
bought from C4, 1 set only RM19.90

Below are bought from 100 yen shop :
egg mould (small egg)

lunch box - Pooh & Mickey

Lunch box got compartment


Serene said...

Wah... so many bento collection. Mummy must be goon in preparing bento?!

Mindy Jessica's Pet Shop Collection said...
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Wonderful Life said...

You're selling??

Kristie said...

wah nicole, u buy so many bento sets so far, when u starting lah? :)

what is the egg mould for?

MeRy said...

The lunch box is cheap...

MommyAngel said...

Nicole, those Pooh + Mickey lunch box you bought from 100 yen shop are so nice and cheap leh, so worth it!!!!! this 2 months I also crazy about bento things until I have spend more then thousand ringgit buying those already, really have to stop buying for the moment being lo, but cannot stop leh once started :( :( I also just got the Hello Kitty lunch box .. Soooooo expensive :( :( but normally when I go to Daiso / 100 yen shop, didn't manage to buy so nice lunch box and other things leh ....

Mummy Gwen said...

Aiyo..so many barang for your bento collection. Yes, when is your first bento creation huh?:P

nicole said...

Serene, kristie & Mummy Gwen
me yet to ready for preparing bento. coz im no good in cooking, must learn how to do and do more reserch 1st before i put in blog.

wonderful life
Im not selling, just sharing the stuff i bought, the Thermo bag is buy @ Carrefour
the lunch box i bought @ 100yen.
Feel free to check out this 2 place..

yea, lunch box is only RM4.90 each @ 100yen shop

how i wish my house is near Daiso, then can simply simply go if got time . hahahha
have u manage to buy the Pooh thermo bag @ Carrefour? if need my assist, juz let me knw wor

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

O, the lunch box only sell at RM4.90? Very cheap mah....I really need to go there and grab something..hehe.