Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pelikan Warehse Sale

i was going to Pelikan to grab some coloring stuff for my 2 gals, and also have some for frens (they tumbang me to buy)
Jessica help me to arrange all the stationery on the floor.

Jess: mummy, snap 1 pic for me wt all tis stationary. :)


Alice Phua said...

Wow! That's really a lot of yield! I too went to Pelikan Warehouse Sale before some 3 yrs ago. Bought a reasonable amount for my son (but he was still an infant that time!), so his Pelikan things are still kept in the cupboard waiting to be used! That's why after that I have not gone to Pelikan Warehouse Sale anymore, not even this year. :-D

nicole said...

Alice, ya, tis stock can tahan many years.... hahhahaha..
ur boys tis year can start to use the color pencil. keke

MeRy said...

Thats alot.....but it is worthy to buy during the big sales period.

prince n princess mum said...

Wah!! So many!