Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunway 21/6/09

After reading Agnes's blog about the Avent BPA bottle got leaking prbm
mummy so worry bcoz we just bought the Avent BPA bottle on 16/6/09 at Sunway
call up Mom's care and check with the supervisor for exchange to normal Avent bottle
lucky Mom's Care allow us to exchange it
So 21/6/09 sunday, we had our day shopping again at Sunway

mummy was headed at Mom's Care
and I was snap the pic
Play Meery go Round

Ride the Clifford
After complete exchange bottle and play all the game infront of Mom's Care
We shopping around and found tat there is a roadshow Milk Love U

snapping pic with moo moo mascot
this time no afraid moo moo, but very like her and very fren with her
remember 6 mths ago i have post in here , also the same moo moo mascot appear
a bit scare to near her

Tektra Pak mascot, saw mummy Joanne with her dotter En En and her eldest dotter
1st time meet mummy Joanne
before tat mummy only have msn and multiply with her , but no chance to meet her
lil Ling Sien & mummy Yvonne also got 缘分 with me on tat day
wat a happy day!
note pad (Magnetic)
spend RM15 for charity can get a photo shooting
erm.... my own cam photo color is much more nicer than this
After the roadshow, we saw got Bonus link 3x point activities in some of the booth
mummy buy a Kinohimitsu D-Tox Juice which is 6 bottle + FOC 2 bottle


Cynthia said...

nice day out ya! :) and with so many mummies also...

Mummy Gwen said... ngam can meet your forum friends..haha. Nevermindla..the photo is good for remembrance. :) Jessica is so adorable.

agnes said...

din know mom's care is selling BPA free avent :)

for the leaking problem, I have heard too many and just want to play safe loh.. since I bought 10 bottles u see.. hahaha~~ imagine if half of it leaks also I sien lah.. dare not take the risk ;)

chloe also likes to play at that floor.. esp the moving cars & the moving animals...

MeRy said...

Nice outing..can meet up with pretty mommies too.