Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ferrari F2008 today ~

yeap, bought our F2008 Ferrari at Shell...
the Shell petrol statioon staff said 17/3/09 will have another 2 design
ENZO Ferrari (Yellow) & F2008 (Red)
so we hurry go to grab this F2008 only~


MeRy said...

Is it a new designs?? how much?? I thgt currently Shell also sell Ferrari car 5 pcs in set,is it under same catergory?

nicole said...

Mery, oh, this design is today (17/3/09)only come out.
the staff tell me 17/3/09 only have 2 new design , there is ENZO Ferrari (yellow) and F2008 (red)
SO u may chekc it out tomorrow. hope u can get it too!!!!!!