Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lunch at 鼎泰丰 - Mid Valley The Garden

Today we wake up late
miss out the Gathering with Klang MP Gang @ JJ Bukit Raja
after finish take my shower & preparing
its already 1:30pm
so we decided go to Mid Valley with YiMa.
We had our "late lunch" at The Garden 鼎泰丰 (Taiwan)




Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Woww...all the meal looked so Big!
Jessica is so pandai holdinh up the spoon and drink the sup.

SY said...

Wow...Nice foods d. No wonder jess enjoyed it la..

nicole said...

yes, the bowl very big, i share with her

the food there not bad, next time u come to Mid Valley, try this out.

YeE LiNg said...

Wow..Jess can spoon feed herself very well lor

nicole said...

she still always wet her shirt too.. panic me... let her wear so nice but after having meal, sure wet/ dirty